Hydrogen Combustion in Siemens Gas Turbines
Dr Ghenadie Bulat, Siemens, UK

Abstract:  Following the commitment from Government to legislate for net-zero emissions by 2050, hydrogen is slated to play a role in the reduction of emissions from power, transport, and industrial sectors. The presentation will look to address hydrogen’s role in low-carbon energy systems and the engineering challenges of replacing natural gas with hydrogen to reduce carbon emissions of gas turbines. Hydrogen can be an extremely useful part of the energy mix, but we highlight the inherent challenges and potential of the technologies before they can be used more widely in a net-zero future energy economy. The discussion will include Siemens Energy’s leavers to decarbonise energy systems and pave the way to energy transition. How to get more power out of your fuel, today? In short term, how to replace high-carbon fuels by low-carbon fuels and foster integration of renewables? For a mid/long term, how we use & integrate renewable energies and establish storage solutions.

Key dates

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20 September 2021 (12:00 BST)

Organised by the IOP Combustion Group and IMechE