Net Zero Transition Challenges & Opportunities for Sea Transport
R. V. Ahilan, FREng, Aqualis Braemar, UK

Sea Transport is one of the toughest sectors to decarbonise for two reasons: (1) the scale of the vessels demanding very high volumetric densities of energy (2) the time horizon of investments demanding decisions which have an impact over 3 decades. The latter demands technical decisions today that will affect the trajectory to net zero to 2050 without having by definition the crystal ball to anticipate radical new energy options. In this paper/presentation, we will set out the challenges and the window of opportunity presented by the revolution in renewables in the energy sector to suggest segmented options for decarbonisation.

Key dates

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20 September 2021 (12:00 BST)

Organised by the IOP Combustion Group and IMechE