Challenges and Opportunities for Decarbonising Power Generation
Dr Sumiu Uchida, MHI, Japan

Decabonising from a power generation is one of crucial matters to realize net-zero carbon society. MHI group has been providing equipment and many solutions so far and doing research and development for a variety of power systems. In this presentation, the latest technologies relating to the usage of LNG-fired GTCC combined with CO2 Capture system and hydrogen/ammonia will be described mainly. Affordability, reliability and flexibility in terms of fuel and operation must be taken into account in a system design and also a fuel supply establishment. New technologies in the field of material, manufacturing, catalyst, combustion and IoT etc. have been developed or under development for this purpose. Some projects for a system implementation and verification will be also presented. It is sure that continuous challenges are necessary towards the world sustainable development at least for several decades.

Key dates

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20 September 2021 (12:00 BST)

Organised by the IOP Combustion Group and IMechE